Sunday, February 16, 2014

Beet Juice for Healthy Skin

Benefits of Beet Juice 

Reliefs Skin Problems

Drinking beet juice regularly may be beneficial in the prevention and cure of inflammations including skin inflammation like acne. The juice also helps eliminate blemishes and promotes healthy skin and hair growth.

Prevents Cancer

One of the huge benefits of beet juice is that research shows the beet to be cancer-preventive. The betacyanin that beet juice contains, helps prevent the formation of cancerous tumors and also detoxifies the body of all harmful toxins.

Together with dissolving the bad calcium these beet juice benefits may be extremely effective in the prevention and possibly reversal of many types of cancer.

There has been research and success with leukemia, colon, lung and skin, liver, and spleen, breast, prostate and testicular cancer. This seems to be the case, even at a very low dose. (Google "beet juice cancer" for more info.)

Best Way to Enjoy the Benefits of Beet Juice


As mentioned earlier, it is important to consume beets raw. The powerful betalain reduces significantly when cooked and the oxalic acid may form calcium stones when heated.


Drink beets as a juice. Beet juice goes well with carrots, cucumber and celery.

{ Salad of mixed greens and beets}


Peel, grate and eat as a salad (i.e. with raisins, grated carrot and apples!)


Peel, grate and add purified water, apple cider vinegar (unpasteurized), sea salt, stevia or raw agave (and herbs). Let stand for at least 8 hours or overnight at room temperature.