Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Medi and Pedi Treats

OPI Indian Collection in Get Me To The Taj On Time I recently had my toenails done in this color...this would go good with any skin tone...it is sooooooooo natural. Next medi and pedi will both be in this color.

OPI Indian Collection in Get Me To The Taj On Time

This is my favorite too...it is such a natural looking color...it would compliment any skin tone...it gives the nail a shiny glow...

It is definitely a staple!!!

If one is on a budget I would suggest to try Revlon Sheer Translucide
nail enamel in (909 Sheer Petal)($3.88 at Walmart) or CQ in (415 French Beige) ($1 and some change at Walmart)

Bronzers, Loose Powders, Foundations, Concealers...Face Stuff

Elf2403 Healthy Glow Bronzing Powder Luminance $1...Stock up...This is so good... it gives me an even tone skin and covers up my blemishes.
PHYSICIANS FORMULA Concealer Twins Cream Concealer in Green/Light


0.24 oz (6.8 g) . This gives the best coverage! The Best! (Walmart, $6.48)
  • Sponge-Tip Applicator
  • Green Color-Corrects Red Blemishes and Scars, SPF 10
  • Light Covers Green and Any Minor Skin Imperfections, SPF 10
  • Hypoallergenic, Fragrance free, Non-comedogenic, Recommended by dermatologists and plastic surgeons

Don't cake it away, take it away!
Uncover the power of green to color-correct red blemishes and scars without excessive makeup!

Concealer Twins® conveniently join together a green and a light, flesh-tone cream concealer to help you achieve flawless-looking skin. Green is used by makeup artists to correct reddish skin imperfections, such as blemishes and scars. Light, flesh-tone concealer can be used alone to hide any minor flaw or on top of green to even out skin tone. With this easy 2-in-1 tool, all little flaws can be forgotten! The gentle creamy formula is transfer-resistant, water-resistant and glides on smoothly to a velvety finish. Can be used on all skin types and protects from the sun with SPF 10.

For information in the USA 1-800-227-0333 or visit PhysiciansFormula.com

Cornsilk Translucent Loose Powder, No Color
Using since 1987. Large pores disappear.
Corn Silk Translucent Pressed Face Powder Original Satin

Finally, I found a foundation that really matches my skin color. No pink, blue or orange undertones. Neutrogena Healthy Skin Foundation in 60 (Natural Beige) $11.97 (Walmart).
Chose this color because my skin color is very similar to Asian skin. Saw so many Asian women choosing
this color. This foundation just makes your skin look so healthy. It's not heavy. Great coverage!

N.Y.C. Concealer Sticks, Price: $1.72 (Walmart), I Love 784A Yellow and am acually using it under my eyes they brighten them up.

Max Factor True Beige 125 ColorGenius PAN-STIK Ultra Creamy Makeup ($7.48,Walmart)

Mascara and Lash Care

I will always be a big fan of Maybelline's Great Lash Mascara (Original or Waterproof) Mascara in Very Black.

N.Y.C. MAXIMUM BOOST VOLUMIZING MASCARA Build each lash from root to tip for maximum volume ... silicone resin "wraps" lashes for visible thickness on contact. Pro-Vitamin B moisturizes and nourishes lashes for silky smooth texture. Shorter applicator rod delivers precision control. Great product!


Lumigan is the generic version of Latisse...It does work...will post lashes in progress soon...

Purchased Lumigan from http://www.alldaychemist.com/ for $12 for 0.03...this is very cheap in price than Latisse's now $120 a bottle.

http://www.alldaychemist.com/ did not require a mandatory prescription at first for this product, but now they are asking for it...not sure if they went up in price...will try to order it next week...

Right now I am having great success inn just using Virgin Olive Oil on lashes everyday...it works! Use a spoolie wand to apply...

You know if you stop using Latisse your lashes will go back to normal sooner or later...try this

Lipcolors (Lipsticks, Lipglosses)

Revlon Velvet Touch Lipstick in :

(34) Plush Red

Velvety Ruby (106)

Richest Rosewood (94)

Luxurious Pink (13)

Revlon Virtual Violet 13 (Frost) Super Lustrous Lipstick is my favorite lipstick.

This is Revlon Moondrops Lipstick in (450) Amethyst Smoke (Walmart, $7.92)
Revlon Super Lustrous Lipstick (625) Iced Amethyst (Walmart, $5.94)

LG841Raspberry Tart(the one in the middle)
A moisturizing sheer lipgloss with just a touch of color for an irresistable shine. Squeezable tube with felt tip applicator provides smooth and easy applicatlon.

Perfect Eyebrows

Beauty: the power by which a woman
charms a lover and
terrifies a husband.

Dorothy Dandridge, Joan Crawford (early)
and Kim Novak, all have
the best brows. Imitate them!

This is the look I am going for. Dorothy's eyes are so beautiful...Love her eyebrows and this is the way I want my brows. Unlike some eyebrows today, Dorothy's are well defined, but not too dark. It takes a real artful hand to achieve this affect.

One of the cosmetic lines Dorothy used was Max Factor...

Joan was a natural beauty. The brows on this photo are not dark, but are well defined.

Loved Kim Novak's eyebrows in Vertigo (1958) These are dark and thick...

What I have always used on my brows is Maybelline's Great Lash Waterproof Mascara in Very Black (Walmart, special 2 for $4.50) great price because that is usually around the price for one.Groom my brows with Murray's Pomade

. Wipe it off, then pluck any sparse hairs with flat head tweezers. Then groom with eyebrow brush

Then I would take the mascara wand and lightly stroke over my brows. At the tail of the brow I would use a eyeliner pencil in black. Then after a minute or so I would lightly, lightly brush the brows upwards to give them the same look of COLLAGE-3-1.jpg Carmen Jones picture by karmenmarliseDorothy Dandridges Brows...

PhotobucketLove janet's Brows on here!

PhotobucketLouise Vyent natural brows...

Sometimes if the brows are thinned out too much it ages you. Not the case here on Chante Moore.

Jill Scott..love those brows girl :)

Beautiful Angela Bassett, Love her brows on the photos above.

How to Grow Eyebrows Back

You can, however, grow your eyebrows a lot faster through natural and scientific methods. You can start with the following:

iOlive oil. Olive oil is very easy to procure. You just need to buy them from the groceries. Applying it is also very simple. You have to spread a small amount of it from the Q-tip of the hair. Ensure that you only put the oil to the spot where you want your hairs to grow. If you have some eyebrow hairs, you can comb them using a special brush or even a toothbrush. Go for the direction where you want the hair to be. You can do this every night and simply wash the oil off in the morning.
Vaseline. Vaseline is also another favorite product for growing beautiful eyebrows. The procedure is almost the same as olive oil, though you may have to apply this at least twice a day. If the olive oil can speed up the growth of hairs, Vaseline can promote thicker eyebrows, which you need to make them appear bolder. You can also have more control as to how you can thin out your eyebrows later on.
Castor Oil. This combines the essential benefits of the other two. Thus, besides growing your eyebrows very fast, they can also be made thicker.

This is perfect to use after relaxing brows.