Monday, July 13, 2009

Hairstyles I Love

PhotobucketTamia...this is a good length and I like the highlights!I use to always get this cut. Toni looks so good with short hair.
Love this style, length and color on Janet!
This is so sexy!

Jazzy's Favorite Scents

Favorite of all time is Lou Lou Cacharel eau de parfum Started buying this in 87,. This is my signature scent. Love It, Love It! Hard to find. Stock up all the time.

Lou Lou Cacharel body bath dusting powder

Chanel No5 is a classic
Cover Girl Navy
Jean Nate
Love's Baby Soft
YSL Paris
YSL Rive Gauche

Lady Stetson

Discontinued Beauty Products

Remember Bonne Belle Ten.O.Six? This was a really great product! It was cooling and had a nice scent.

Beauty Regimen and Delicious Body Products

Head & Shoulders, after going to a dermatologist for mild acne..he prescribed me an acne medicated cleanser...the scent was that of the original Head & Shoulders Shampoo...both had Active ingredient of Pyrithione zinc which is used treat severe dryness and acne as well...after running out of the prescription acne cleanser, I purchased H&S...did this because the price is cheaper...and I got the same great results!

True Blue Spa Just A Minute 60 Second (Hand) Manicure Scrub $12
I Know I am not suppose to..and it may seem like it's too harsh, but I use this scrub on my face once a week. This leaves my skin smooth and tight...originally for hands.
NIVEA Creme 13.5 oz (Walmart, $6.47) This is what I use all over my face at night and my skin looks so good in the morning...sometimes our skin is so dehydrated and that's why it looks drab...try this and see if it works wonders for you...

Ocean Potion Sunblock Lotion, Anti-Aging, Ultra Light SPF 30 ($4.97, Walmart) Before I apply in makeup I use this on my face.
Use Johnson's baby lotion under eyes before bed. Safest under eye cream for me...
Bath & Body Works Limelight Body Lotion...of course this is discontinued...Available on Ebay sometimes
Sisal Brush. Use this to push upwards on back of your legs. Helps push up fatty deposits. This really works...use it daily as you shower. Give me feedback.

Moore Unique Toner Cream Glycolic Texturizer & Lightener This was on sale at Walmart for $6.00, originally priced at $8.32

This is a LIFE SAVER. Yes, I had to put them in all caps! After using a microdermabrasion home kit, it left me with dead skin around my mouth. It looked horrible and it aged me. It lasted for months and there was nothing that I could use to remove it no matter what I tried. Then I decided to put this on. It does sting a bit, but that is because it is removing the dead skin off the face. It did wonders! This is a staple. Now my skin is radiant. Please try this product if you are looking to rid yourself of dead skin on your face.

Super Max Kwik Triple Blade Disposable Razors. These are GREAT razors...5 for $1. Now before purchasing these at "Dollar Tree" I would use 1 razor for each leg and toss. With Super Max Kwik 3, I only have to use one razor. Even after that it is still good to use over and over again! I am very pleased. No nicks either. Please try this you will love it!

Foot troubles?

Got the best deal, plus quality from ebay....
Pedicure Foot Rasp Callus Skin Remover Shaver 100 Blade
won it for $4.50